Higher balances earn greater dividends

Our Business Money Market accounts help South Dakota business owners create an emergency fund or make excess cash earn interest at a higher rate - all while being able to access funds whenever necessary.

Choose from two Money Market Account options

  • Money Market Invest Account earns interest daily with no fees and no minimum deposit
  • Premier High-Yield Money Market requires a $2,500 minimum balance and earns tiered rates ($7.50 monthly service fee applies if balance drops below minimum)
  • Unlimited in-person withdrawals and deposits

Direct Connect for Quicken® and QuickBooks™

  • A faster and simpler way to manage your finances
  • Free, near real-time connection to your BHFCU personal and business accounts
  • Automatically download transactions and update account balances
  • Pay bills and transfer money directly from Quicken® and QuickBooks™
  • Register for Direct Connect in Online Banking under the Do More tab.

Money Management, Made Easy

  • A simple, secure, and free way to manage your finances
  • Set goals, manage budgets, categorize your spending, and more. 
  • Start planning for your future with Money Management

Regular, Money Mammal, VIBZ Account

Dividends compounded and credited monthly
$25.00 Minimum Daily Balance required to earn the stated APY
Minimum Opening Deposit APY Dividend Rate
$5.00 0.25% 0.25%

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