Create a financial cushion for your business

When you need an additional savings account for your South Dakota business, our Special Savings account hits the mark with solid rates that allow you to reach your savings milestones.

Put a little extra away for your business

  • Flexible savings accounts for specific savings goals
  • Good for creating an emergency fund for your business

Direct Connect for Quicken® and QuickBooks™

  • A faster and simpler way to manage your finances
  • Free, near real-time connection to your BHFCU personal and business accounts
  • Automatically download transactions and update account balances
  • Pay bills and transfer money directly from Quicken® and QuickBooks™
  • Register for Direct Connect in Online Banking under the Do More tab.

Money Management, Made Easy

  • A simple, secure, and free way to manage your finances
  • Set goals, manage budgets, categorize your spending, and more. 
  • Start planning for your future with Money Management

Regular, Money Mammal, VIBZ Account

Dividends compounded and credited monthly
$25.00 Minimum Daily Balance required to earn the stated APY
Minimum Opening Deposit APY Dividend Rate
$5.00 0.05% 0.05%

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