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Our Home Improvement Loans for South Dakota homeowners are an investment in you, because your home is more than just four walls and a roof. We're here to help, so you can create a cozy backyard space perfect for summertime or a custom kitchen for family dinners. Whatever project you have in mind, we have the Home Improvement Loan you need.

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Home Improvement Loan Rates

Term Platinum APR
760 and over
Premier Plus APR
Premier APR
Standard APR
Value APR
Rebuilder APR
599 and under
0-60 Months 4.74% 4.99% 5.24% 6.49% 8.49% 10.49%
61-120 Months 5.74% 5.99% 6.24% 7.49% 9.49% 11.49%
121-180 Months 5.99% 6.24% 6.49% 7.74% 9.74% 11.74%

Protect your most valuable asset with a policy that directly addresses your needs.

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