Two Ways to Make Your Savings Work Harder for You

What are you saving up for? Whatever your goal, make your money work for you while you save. Read on for two easy ways to boost your account balance with BHFCU.


#1 – Boost your long-term saving with a Certificate.
Are you saving for a home purchase a few years down the road? Have a child you’d like to send to college or walk down the aisle one day? A Certificate is a great option for funds you don’t anticipate needing for a set time. The biggest perk of a Certificate; the higher rate. Keep reading to find out more about BHFCU Certificates.


  • Term options range from 6 months to 8 years with varying rates
  • Access limited to the term of the Certificate
  • At maturity, have ten days to add or withdraw funds
  • Penalty for early withdrawals

#2 – Earn on your emergency fund with a Money Market.
Whether you’re working to build your emergency fund or just want easy access to your savings, a Money Market provides a higher earning account option than traditional savings. The biggest perk of a Money Market is fee-free access to your money whenever you need it. Learn more about BHFCU Money Markets below.


  • Completely liquid account
  • Varying rates based on deposit amount
  • Earns interest daily
  • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits
  • Easy access to transfer between internal and external accounts

The best saving option for you comes down to rate or accessibility. Whether you’re focused on earning a higher rate or having easy access to your funds, there’s an account for you. And you can always take advantage of both!