Discover How BHFCU Gave Back Over $434,000 in 2023

At Black Hills Federal Credit Union, our mission is to improve lives. That’s why we take a four-pronged approach to giving back to our communities. Learn more about how and where we contributed $434,500 in 2023.

Together, we improved lives! 350+ hours volunteered, 420+ organizations supported, 25k items collected, $434k+ dollars given.

Staff-Led CAT Program Supports Passions
Our employees are passionate about supporting charities near to their hearts, and we’re all about helping make that a reality. That’s why we developed the Community Action Team (CAT) over thirty years ago! CAT is run entirely by staff, allowing them to give to causes they find important while making connections in the community.


In 2023, the CAT Program:

  • Supported 74 organizations
  • Fostered 389 volunteer hours
  • Helped collect 2,473 items
  • Raised $62,300

Providing for Education through the School Support Drive
This giving effort was known as the School Supply Drive for 26 years. Last year, we shifted our focus from providing supplies to giving dollars, allowing schools to decide where would be the most beneficial for their kids, and the School Support Drive was born.


In 2023, the School Support Drive:

  • Supported 80 schools and organizations
  • Provided 23,300 supplies
  • Donated $23,000

Sponsoring What’s Important to Our Members
We love supporting clubs, organizations, and events that are important to our members and others in the community. Our sponsorship program allows us to field requests from you and put our funds where they can help most.


In 2023, our sponsorships:

  • Spanned 31 communities across 3 states
  • Supported 270 organizations
  • Donated $198,900

Corporate Donations that Make a Difference
Much like our sponsorship program, our donations committee fields requests from community members, ensuring we’re fulfilling the needs you find most important. Our corporate donations run the gamut from committing to multi-year large-scale projects to giving that extra boost to non-profits at the end of each year. 


In 2023, our donations:

  • Totaled $150,300