4 Free Resources to Stay Safe in an Online World

In a world filled with online accounts and passwords, it’s essential that you remain vigilant and proactively protect yourself from identity theft. Several free resources are available to help you stay safe in an online world!


#1 – Freeze your credit.
All three credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) offer free credit freezes. Freezing your credit prevents new accounts from being opened in your name should your personal information be compromised. And when you’re ready to apply for a loan, you can temporarily unfreeze your credit for free. Note that each of the three credit bureaus requires a separate freeze request.


#2 – Use a password manager.
Having unique passwords for each online account is essential. But how do you remember them all? A password manager allows you to generate, store, and access all your passwords while only having to remember one master password. And several managers (like LastPass and RoboForm) have free options!


#3 – Sign up for data breach alerts.
Think proactively and be the first to know if your data has been compromised. Your password manager may have a feature that will alert you to any new data breaches for the accounts it manages. There are also several free options like notified from the Identity Theft Resource Center. They also offer a search tool to look backward for data breaches!


#4 – Set up Card Controls and Alerts.
Know exactly what your card is being used for in the moment and prevent fraud before it happens with Card Controls and Alerts. Enable or disable your card, set spending limits, create alerts, and choose transaction types all from Online Banking or the Mobile App.