4 Effective Tools to Help Reduce Your Debt

If you own a home, went to college, or had an unexpected expense arise, you likely have some form of debt. Borrowing money isn’t a bad thing. When managed properly, it can help you positively grow your financial health. Taking the time to find the option that fits your situation is time well-spent.


#1 – Consider a vehicle loan refinance.
It may make sense to refinance your vehicle loan for a lower rate, but have you ever considered rolling another higher rate loan (like a credit card or personal loan) into it? Whether you still owe on your vehicle or it’s fully paid off, a low-rate vehicle loan could help you pay off other debt more efficiently.


#2 – Leverage your home’s equity.
A home equity loan can be used for more than just a home renovation. If you own your home, a home equity loan or a HELOC could help you pay for a wedding, fund your child’s college, or pay off a high-rate credit card. With options for a lump-sum loan, a revolving line of credit, and a cash payout, using your home’s equity can be a good debt management strategy.


#3 – Take advantage of a credit card balance transfer.
Have you ever signed up for a credit card to cash in on the initial discount and then got stuck with a high rate? A balance transfer could be a great tool to help get your credit card debt back on track. Many balance transfers (like at BHFCU!) offer a low interest option for the first several months or year. With less interest, you can pay more quickly on principle.


#4 – Double check your loan rates and consider making a change.
Don’t have equity to draw on? A personal loan can still have a lower rate than most credit cards or short-term loans. With a fixed term, it can also save you from additional spending.


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