Mobile check deposit makes it easier

Whenever you travel throughout South Dakota and beyond, you can use our Mobile Deposit on your smartphone to deposit checks without visiting a BHFCU branch.

Mobile Deposit empowers your finances

  • Deposit checks quickly, anytime, using our mobile app and the camera on your mobile device
  • ​​Save time
  • View our Mobile Deposit tutorial
  • Access our FAQs

How to Deposit Your Checks

  • After you download our app, log in
  • Select Deposits from the menu bar and choose Make New Deposit
  • Be sure to sign the back of your check and add "For Mobile Deposit Only at BHFCU"
  • Select the account where you'd like the funds deposited, enter the amount you are depositing and click Continue
  • Take a picture of the front and back of your check using your device's camera
  • Verify the deposit details and confirm the deposit
  • Select View Deposit History to check the status of your deposits or ensure your deposit has been completed by checking your transaction history

Tips for Using Mobile Deposit

  • Use a background that gives contrast between your check and the surrounding area
  • Ensure the entire check is visible
  • Make sure the check is in focus and well-lit
  • Retake the picture if the photo is blurry

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