Your Questions, Answered

Q. Why did you change to a new Online and Mobile Banking provider?

We upgraded to a new online banking provider to ensure we provide the most innovative solutions and a rich online experience. We chose the top rated Mobile Banking App vendor for the best experience for BHFCU members.

Q. What is different about the Online Banking solution?

There are some exciting changes with this upgrade. Online Banking will be much more consistent, whether you’re on a computer, tablet, smartphone or smartwatch. Logging in will be more secure with a text, email or phone call verification process. Logging in on smart devices with a fingerprint reader will be easy and fast!

Q. What happened to my Security Questions?

Security questions have been replaced in the new system with the current industry standard for login security. It's called Multi-Factor Authentication and it's the leading security practice. When you login for the first time on a browser or device, you'll need your Username and Password. To verify it's really you, the system will call, send a text or email you to make sure it's authorizing you to view your accounts.

Q. Will I be able to view recent transactions, pay bills and set reminders with the new Online Banking and Mobile App?

Yes. However, you will notice that the screens and menus are different and more user friendly.

Q. Do I need to re-register for Online or Mobile Banking?

Yes. All users will be required to complete a quick, one-time registration for Online and Mobile Banking.
Once registered, download our new mobile app and you will be able to log in using your fingerprint (if available on your device) or with a Username and Password.

Q: What information do I need to log into Online Banking?

To access the new system, you will need to complete the one-time registration process using your Member Number and the last four digits of your social security number. Business account owners will need to use the last four digits of their tax identification number.
  • Click the One-Time Registration link
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Create a new Username and Password
  • Verify your contact information and validate your computer or mobile device by text message, phone call or email.
The next time you need to access online or mobile banking simply use your new Username and Password from our homepage or by using our mobile app.

Q: Do I need to register on all devices I’m going to be using? 

No. You’ll only need to register once, either from desktop or a mobile device.

Q: What are the Username and Password requirements?

Username requirements:

  • Minimum 6 / Maximum 20 characters
  • Cannot be all numbers
  • Can use Member Number plus symbols or letters

Password requirements: 

  • 8 to 32 characters
  • Mix of letters, numbers or symbols (symbol not required)

Q: Will I be able to view all of my membership accounts in one login?

Yes, you are able to conveniently manage all your memberships and accounts with one easy login.

Q: Where can I find my Member Number? 

Your Member Number can be found on your monthly statement. 

Q: Will there be any faster log in options other than a Password? 

Yes. Within the mobile app, you may enable fingerprint identification to securely log in with a touch of your finger. Fingerprint login is currently available for Apple and Android devices.

Q: Will joint account owners have access to Online Banking?

Yes. To maximize the value of  Online Banking, we encourage joint owners to establish their own unique Username and Password.

Q. Can I use my existing Username and Password to log in to the new Online Banking system?

You will need to log in to the new system the first time with your Member Number and social security number. During registration, you can set up your Username and Password. Though we recommend changing these, if your old Username and Password meet the requirements and haven’t already been taken by another user, you can reuse them.

Q. How do I view my statements?

Once logged in, on any page of Online Banking, click ‘Online Statements’ under ‘More’ from the navigation menu. You will then be redirected to your Online Statements.

Q. Is my Bill Pay information converting with Online Banking, or do I have to re-enter all of my information?

All bill pay information, including payee information, will convert and it will not be necessary for you to re-enter your information. If you choose, you can print a list of your payees so you have them available.

Q. Will the Mobile App still work?

The new platform has a different mobile app for Apple and Android devices. These apps work with tablets and smartwatches, as well as smartphones. You can delete your old BHFCU app and download the new app now. You will need to register before you can log in on the mobile app.

If you have additional questions not answered here, please contact us.

We will be available to assist you through the transition by phone from Noon to 5pm on Sunday, March 12. We will also have extended phone hours on Monday, March 13, from 7am to 7pm at 605.718.1818.
During regular business hours, you may visit any of our branches for additional support.