5 Easy Steps to Successfully Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund

Tax season is coming! And if you plan to direct deposit your tax refund at BHFCU, now is the time to confirm your information before filing. Avoid the hassle of having your refund returned by following these easy steps.


#1 – Select direct deposit as your refund method on your tax form.


#2 – Fill in BHFCU’s Routing Number: 291479592.


#3 – Select the account where you would like the return to go. (Verify that it is open and active!)


#4 – Enter your account number (ACH number.) You can find this:

  • In Online Banking or the Mobile App – select the account and click on the “Account Details” drop-down.
  • On a recent statement directly under the account title.
  • For a checking account, at the bottom of a check directly following the routing number noted in step #2.

#5 – Review the information to ensure all names and numbers are correct.


Verifying your account number before finalizing your direct deposit is essential! If incorrect, your deposit or withdrawal will be returned.


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