Five Ways to Utilize Free Tools to Help Boost Your Credit

Credit scores impact your ability to make many major life purchases. Learning what can positively and negatively affect your score makes all the difference. While understanding it all can feel like learning a different language, BHFCU makes it easy for members with free tools available in Online Banking and our Mobile App.


#1 – Understand what grade your credit scores.
Your Score Analysis provides a great look at the overall health of your credit score. With letter grades assigned to payment history, credit usage, account mix, credit age, and inquiries, it’s easy to understand your strengths and weaknesses.


#2 – Simulate how future actions could impact your score.
Want to understand how a new auto loan, credit card, or mortgage will impact your credit? How about increasing or decreasing the balances on your existing cards? We prefer the eyes wide open approach! The Score Simulator allows you to see the impact your future decisions could make on your score before taking action.


#3 – View your Action Plan to find out what you could do better.
Located under your Score Analysis, the Credit Score Action Plan provides tips to boost the lagging areas of your credit. Clickable links allow you to learn more about good credit habits that can help your score over time.


#4 – Set a credit score goal and find recommendations to achieve it.
Do you have an ideal credit score in mind? Did you know you can set a goal in your BHFCU portal? Receive input on how to improve your score and help make your aspirations reality with Credit Goals!


#5 – Regularly review your credit report for free.
It’s important to monitor what’s included in your Credit Report to catch any discrepancies early. And now you can review yours worry-free in Online Banking. We challenge you to make it a monthly goal!


All BHFCU members have access to the entire suite of free credit monitoring and reporting tools! What are you waiting for? Log in to Online Banking or our Mobile App and dive into your score today.