5 Ways to Make Holiday Sales Positively Impact Your Budget

Black Friday has come and gone. And this year’s mountain of ads got us thinking: what if we could use holiday discounts to positively impact our finances? Our suggestion: start your list now and be prepared financially and mentally to use next year’s good deals to benefit your bottom line!


#1 – Streaming subscription savings.
Don’t want to be left out of the water cooler chat about that hot new show? Streaming services are getting in on the Black Friday fun. When you’re talking a year of Hulu, Max, or Peacock ranging from $12 - $36, that can make a big impact on your annual bottom line. Next sales holiday, plan ahead to purchase and let the new shows roll in without a huge hit to the budget!


#2 – Memberships, app subscriptions, and services, oh my!
Whether it’s a gym membership, subscription app like All Trails, or services like salons, chiropractic, or massage, there may be a holiday deal for that! Keep a running list of the memberships, subscriptions, and services you enjoy, and check to see if any of them are running holiday deals. You could save hundreds over the course of a year!


#3 – Stock up on essentials.
Did you know you can get shampoo for more than 25% off during holiday sales?! While it may not be the most exciting, you can save big by stocking up on essentials. Purchasing skin care or cosmetics is also a huge win, with sales rarely happening outside the holiday window. Think of how much you could save annually. Your future self is thanking you!


#4 – Update your appliances.
Traditionally associated with major holidays, appliance sales are some of the big-ticket items you can score at a discount. But this doesn’t just have to mean stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines. If you’re in the market for smaller appliances like humidifiers, air purifiers, or air fryers, you can still cash in by making a list and saving until the sale tags hit.


#5 – Make your home upgrades for less.
If you’ve been wanting to update your couch, have found the perfect patio set, or are finally ready to purchase that fire pit, holiday sales are your best friend. These bigger ticket purchases are sure to be at a discount if you save and wait to place your order.


Shifting your mind from wants to needs when making your holiday sale plan of attack is key. The little and big items found at a discount can make a positive impact on your budget year-round.