Top Travel Tips for Your Next Vacation

When you’re on vacation the last thing you should have to worry about is your finances. Follow these important travel reminders to ensure a smooth and safe vacation for you and your family.

Download BHFCU’s Mobile App
Monitor your account activity, deposit checks, transfer funds, pay bills, and more right from your Apple or Android device with BHFCU’s top-rated Mobile App.

Extra protection with Card Alerts
Set up alerts for online, declined, and international charges, as well as for charges over a pre-selected amount. Choose to receive the near real-time alerts by email or text message.

Take other forms of payment
Be sure to pack alternate forms of payment including cash, checks, or another BHFCU Debit or Credit Card.

Know your PIN before traveling
Your PIN allows you to make purchases at most merchants and automated gas pumps. Don’t know your PIN? No problem! Visit a Member Service Center to select a PIN or call us to have one mailed to you.

Make sure BHFCU has your phone number
Call BHFCU or stop by your favorite MSC to verify that the phone number listed on your account is the best way to reach you during your travels. We will use this number to alert you to any fraudulent activity on your card or account.

Add important numbers to your contact list
With 24/7 Card Support, we’re here to assist you with lost or stolen cards, transaction verification and denials, and more. Save our phone numbers - 605.718.1818 or 800.482.2428 – in your contact list before traveling.
In addition, watch for incoming calls from our Fraud Service Center - 800.622.1361, 800.327.8622, or International 001.712.328.3852.
  • Calls from our Fraud Service Center may have a 402 area code. Be sure to listen to the complete message and call back the number that is stated in the message. If you call back the 402 area code you will get an error message. 
  • If you return the call from a different number, you will need to provide the phone number where the message was left.
Inform BHFCU of any international travel plans
Avoid any unnecessary headaches by letting us know about your international travel plan.

Easily Locate CO-OP ATMs
As a BHFCU member, you have access to more than 30,000+ surcharge-free ATMs nationwide through the CO-OP Network. Click the Locations tab in our Mobile App to find the nearest ATM. Be sure to protect yourself from illegal skimming devices.

Activate Shared Branching
Take advantage of the 5,000+ shared branching locations available through the CO-OP Network. To activate your account access, please call us during our normal business hours.

Save on Car Rental Insurance
Save time and money on your rental by using your existing coverage from BHFCU Insurance. Or, simply add rental car insurance to your policy. Before you board that plane, be sure to review your coverage with BHFCU Insurance.

Safe travels!