Summer Fun Safely: Towing Best Practices

It’s summer in South Dakota, and that means the recreational vehicles are coming out! Boats, campers, trailers, and other rec vehicles all require towing. Before hitching up for your next adventure, check out these towing best practices from BHFCU Insurance.


#1 – Double-check all hook-ups. Before you hit the road, ensure your hitches and other hook-ups (like brakes, chains, and tail lights) are properly attached and secured. When in doubt, consult someone knowledgeable on towing.


#2 – Make wider turns. When towing, your vehicle is a lot longer than usual. Take care and make wider turns (including when taking curves on winding roads) when possible. Your trailer’s wheels will be closer to the edge of the road than your vehicles, give it space to avoid obstacles.


#3 – Prepare earlier for stops. You’ve got a lot more weight behind you. Stopping will take longer. Give yourself space between other vehicles, and prepare to begin braking sooner than you normally would.


#4 – Drive in the right lane. Especially on highways, try to drive in the right lane and stay there. This gives you the shoulder to work with if a sudden stop is needed.


#5 – Plan for hills. Knowing your route is key. Going uphill will take a bit more effort from your vehicle. This is a great time to be in the right lane with slower traffic. Prepare for gradual stops when coming to downhills by reducing speed early and either applying breaks at intervals or using a tow/haul mode if available.


#6 – When in doubt, steer straight. Be it crosswinds or trailer sway, the best option is to take your foot off the gas and steer straight to avoid overcorrecting for your cargo.


BHFCU Insurance wants you to stay safe while you’re having fun this summer! As a BHFCU member, you have access to a free insurance review. Fill out the form here or call 605-718-7888 to get started.