Safety Tips to Prepare Your Home Before Vacation

As warm weather and spring break approach, are you starting to plan your summer travels? Picking your destination, arranging travel, and booking accommodations are likely already on your to-do list. But don’t forget to add preparing your home before you leave! Check out these tips for keeping your home safe while on vacation from the BHFCU Insurance team.
#1 – Ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check on your home.
While you’re away, it’s best to have someone you trust keep an eye on your home. This will help prevent issues and unwanted visitors from going unnoticed.
#2 – Adjust your thermostat temperature.
Change your thermostat temperature to help reduce cooling costs. If your trip will be more than a few days, set your thermostat between 85 – 90 degrees.
#3 – Leave exterior and interior lights on.
To give the appearance of someone being home, leave a few visible exterior and interior lights on. If you have motion-sensing lights or lights on a timer, that is a bonus.
#4 – Turn off your water.
Before leaving home, turn off your interior water. Should there be any leaks or busted pipes, this will save an issue from arising while you’re away.
#5 – Request a hold for your mail and paper.
For extended vacations, request a hold for subscriptions like newspapers and your mail. Avoid items piling up on your doorsteps and overflowing from your mailbox. Burglars are on the lookout for these out-of-town indicators.
#6 – Unplug small appliances and other electronic devices.
Unplug electronic devices and any small appliances that you can. Not only will you save energy, but it also helps prevent electrical issues.