New Year's Financial Checklist

The New Year is a great time to get started on the path toward financial success. But, before you make any hasty New Year’s financial resolutions, we encourage you to take some time to evaluate your financial situation. Taking some simple steps to better manage your money could make all the difference in improving your financial future this New Year.

Your Financial Check List:  

Request and review your credit report
Requesting a free copy of your credit report is a convenient way to stay on top of your financial health. Learn more about your credit report in our blog post “Five Reasons to Check your Credit Report Today”. 

Set up and take advantage of Bill Pay
An important part of financial health is ensuring your monthly bills and obligations are taken care of before any additional spending. BHFCU’s online Bill Pay service gives you a quick and easy way to pay your bills, schedule checks, and set up recurring payments. 

Automate your savings
Whether it’s for an emergency, retirement, or big purchase, it’s important to be consistent in your efforts to save for the future. Stay on track by setting up an automatic transfer of funds to your savings account with every paycheck. A BHFCU teller can help you get started. Monitor your saving and make transfers between accounts through Online Banking and our top-rated Mobile App

Get a low-interest credit card
If you typically carry a monthly balance on your credit card, you could be spending a lot on unnecessary interest charges. While you work to pay down your debt, consider taking advantage of the great rates available with BHFCU’s VISA credit cards for your future spending needs. Apply online at, call 718-1818- or visit any BHFCU location, today.  

Budget with Money Management
Consistently monitoring your spending and savings habits can help you better plan for the future. Available in Online Banking, Money Management is a great tool to help you monitor your spending, create budgets and alerts, and set financial goals for the future. Add accounts and loans from other financial institution for a full view of your finances. 

Read a personal finance book
Financial literacy is an important part of achieving financial success. Learn more about managing your finances by picking up a book about personal finance at your favorite local bookstore.

BHFCU’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is passionate about serving you and your family’s financial needs. To learn more about how BHFCU’s great products and services can help you make the most of the New Year, call 718-1818 or stop by any BHFCU location.