Keeping Our Environmental Impact Top of Mind

Each year Earth Day provides a reminder of the importance of environmental protection. At BHFCU, we maintain this focus year-round by having a whole team dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. Check out the ways our Operations and Facilities Management team helps minimize our footprint.
Promoting Refillable Bottles
Our team is adding bottle fillers to drinking fountains across the organization to promote using refillable water bottles. To date, the bottle fillers at our corporate office and Plaza Drive MSC alone have saved 98,886 bottles from being added to landfills.
Recycling Efforts
Our recycling efforts include providing several shred and recycling bins for paper in all our locations. The team also supplies break rooms with bins for recycling plastic products and cans. They make it easy and convenient for staff to recycle whenever possible.
Automated Alerts
Tracking HVAC energy usage across the credit union is a priority for the Operations and Facilities Management team. They added a Building Automation System programmed to track all HVAC usage and alert them of any usage outside of the original efficient settings.
Reducing Energy Usage
The team worked on switching out all lights from incandescent to LED, which reduces the credit union’s electricity usage by 95%.
Planting Seeds
In the green space at our corporate office, the team is working to plant grass that requires less water and will be more tolerant of South Dakota drought conditions. The new grass will significantly reduce future water usage.
Clearing a Path
During winter conditions, the Operations and Facilities Management team works tirelessly to clear paths. The team switched to a corn and soybean-based liquid ice melt with less harmful ingredients to assist in the effort. In combination with heated ice melt systems, the credit union has reduced ice-melt usage by over 50% and its runoff, which can negatively impact grass and landscaping.
We appreciate the extra efforts of our Operations and Management team to minimize our environmental impact.