How to Avoid Breaking the Bank this Holiday Season

The calendar has officially turned to November, bringing the first signs of holiday cheer. This time of year, especially gift giving, can be expensive. But what if it didn’t have to be? Read on for alternative gifting ideas that won’t break the bank.


Give the gift of service.
Sometimes the best gifts aren’t things at all. A classic coupon book full of services like running an errand, a movie night, or walking the dog is the gift that keeps on giving to the recipient. Plus, it can be customized to fit their personality perfectly.


Home-make a thoughtful gift.
Do you have a skill like knitting or woodworking? Find ways to use your hobbies to create a unique homemade gift for someone on your list. The time you put into making it may even be the most meaningful part.


Whip something up in the kitchen.
Who doesn’t love a plate of homemade holiday goodies? If you’re a pro in the kitchen, consider sharing with others. A freezer meal, fresh bread, or delicious treats could be the perfect, budget-conscious gift. Bonus, do something you love while checking off your holiday list!


Volunteer together.
Giving your time is a great, cost-free way to give a gift. Does someone on your list have a charity that’s important to them? Research volunteer opportunities to do together.


For big groups, pick a name out of a hat.
Large families or groups of friends can benefit from picking a name out of a hat. Not only will you save money by buying one gift, but you can also focus more on finding something that’s just right.


Think ahead about your supplies.
Leaving things to the last minute usually means extra money spent. Now is your time to think ahead. Save boxes, newspapers, and packing supplies from things you buy to reuse as you package your gifts. And, if you plan to ship a gift, give yourself ample time to avoid rush fees.