Getting the Most College Aid Money

With thousands of students' families affected by the pandemic, many colleges are revisiting their Financial Aid offerings for new and returning students and trying to find ways to ensure their 2020-2021 admissions remain as high as possible. Now is the time to contact your student's college and find out if they are willing to review their college aid package. 
Several states are receiving assistance from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. Local universities in South Dakota have been allocated funds from this package and they are distributing funds to students with the highest financial need as identified by their FAFSA records. Students must fill out a brief form to apply for the funds.
Visit your college’s website and see if there are official appeal forms to complete for students whose financial situation has changed. If there is not a form on the website, contact their admissions office and explain your situation. If you have received a scholarship, inquire about the possibility of additional money or if there have been scholarships added that you are now able to apply for.
With the changes that have occurred, it can’t hurt to negotiate for more money towards tuition. Be honest and forthcoming with your information and let the college know how much you are interested in attending their facility. It could pay off in the end.