Crazy Idea? Make it a Reality

Dreaming of your own YouTube Channel? What about putting all that slime production to good use? Or maybe you make the best cookies in town? We think your dreams are incredible and want to see your passion become a reality. Here are a few tips from our experts to help you get started.

Make a Plan
Understand all that is needed for your business, including equipment, supplies, or training. Think lawn mower, CPR and first aid classes, or cookie supplies.

Set a Goal
Write down what you want to accomplish in your business and break it down into manageable, smaller goals. Maybe you want to mow three lawns a week next month, sell $50 in cookies by the end of the week, or save enough of your earnings to buy the bike of your dreams.

Work with someone to help you understand how to budget for expenses (supplies), where to get start-up funds (maybe a loan from a parent), and how important it is to pay yourself first (deposit some cash into your savings account).

What is the best way to reach the customer you want? Is it a flyer at the dog park for your dog walking business, a local social media group of parents looking for a babysitter, or a mailbox/door insert letting your neighbors know you mow lawns? Be creative.

Be comfortable and confident when visiting with people about your business. Not all business can be done through text. Learning good face-to-face, phone, and email skills are valuable to your business.