BHFCU - Offering Creative Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Your BHFCU team is here and busy helping members find the solutions they need right now. Every day, we find new opportunities to do what we can to help members with their unique financial situation.
Some of the ways we’re able to help:
  • Economic Assistance Loans
  • Loan Payment Extensions
  • Payment Modifications
  • Credit Card Balance Transfer Options  
  • Penalty-Free Early Withdrawal on Certificates
  • Business and Ag Loan Assistance
There are many other ways we can assist members with their financial needs. As we visit with you and learn about your specific situation, we’ll offer creative ideas you won’t find on a “list.” Rather, we’ll tailor a plan to address your needs. Here are just a few of the solutions our members recently found helpful:
  • Using equity in your home to help with finances while unemployed
  • Cash-out vehicle refinance, with no fee to cover mortgage payments
  • Consolidating multiple loans while reducing payments and saving money on interest
We are here and ready to talk through your specific circumstances, so please, call or text us at 605-718-1818.

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