After Hours Card Support

Ever experiencing problems with your debit or credit card after business hours or during the weekend? Don’t panic, call us at 605-718-1818 - 24/7. With BHFCU’s After Hours Card Support program, assistance is just a phone call away, whenever you need it.

Our new After Hours Card Support program gives you worry-free, round the clock, debit and credit card support. This easy-to-use, personalized service provides you with denied transaction support, lost or stolen card service and transaction verification support.  

At BHFCU, we strive to make every transaction simple and secure, while giving you the power to monitor and maintain your debit and credit cards. You can access After-Hours Card Support anytime outside of our normal business hours by calling 605-718-1818 or 800-482-2428.

In addition, BHFCU offers a Card Alerts program. With this convenient service, members can set up custom, real-time alerts about their card activity, which are sent directly to you by email or text message. Check out the Card Alerts article for more information.