5 Ways the BHFCU Training Team is Making an Impact

September marks Learning & Development Month. At BHFCU, we have a team of seven staff dedicated to training every single BHFCU staff member. Although the team works behind the scenes, they directly impact the service our members receive. With dozens of training modules, this team’s work spans it all. Here are five major ways Learning & Performance makes the BHFCU team better.


#1 – Keeping data safe through regular Information Security Training.
The security of members’ information is our top priority. Each year, the L&P team leads all staff through Information Security Training. This training and regular testing boost vigilance and keep staff aware of current security trends, ultimately protecting members.


#2 – Spot and stop fraud with Fraud Education and Prevention Training.
With over 2.2 million fraud reports filed in 2020, it’s more important than ever to remain alert. Led by the L&P team, all BHFCU staff complete yearly Fraud Education and Prevention Training. Our responsibility is to notice the warning signs for members who may be fraud victims and pass along the knowledge to spot fraud themselves.


#3 – Providing efficient and effective service through Systems Training.
All tellers and loan officers go through an intensive Systems Training anywhere from three to five weeks in length with our L&P team. This training, along with several others, provides them with all the knowledge needed to effectively and efficiently help members.


#4 – Products & Services Training to best serve members.
The L&P team’s in-depth Products & Services Training educates staff members about all the products and services BHFCU offers. This essential training gives staff the tools needed to listen to a member’s request or problem and uncover the best solution to fit their needs.


#5 – Annual Regulatory Training to ensure compliance.
Every staff member completes annual Regulatory Training to ensure the work we do on behalf of our members remains in compliance with changing financial industry regulations. This training safeguards all assets held at BHFCU by making sure we follow all rules and standards.


We appreciate the dedication of our L&P team to keep BHFCU staff informed, educated, and able to share the most relevant information and solutions with our members.