5 Tips to Put Money Back in Your Pocket

The feeling of a tightening wallet has seemed inevitable lately, which makes now the ideal time to reassess your finances. Consider the following five tips to help put money back in your pocket. 


#1 – Stick to your list.
The grocery store and Target can be dangerous, especially if you’re hungry. Combat extra spending on non-essentials by making a list before your visit (maybe even based on a meal plan for the week.) And grab a snack before leaving home too!


#2 – Cut out unnecessary purchases.
Instead of buying that new clothing item, take a day to go through what you own and rediscover old favorites. Wearing something for the first time in a long time can feel like something new!


#3 – Choose your travel wisely.
Gas is a hot commodity. Make each trip meaningful, whether that’s running all your errands on one day or planning several activities in one spot. Or dust off the bike and use that to get around town.


#4 – Cancel unused subscriptions.
Streaming services and gym memberships are great, but are there some that go unused more than others? Check all your subscription costs and see if you can cut one or two. It adds up over a year!


#5 – Review your debt.
Now is a great time to review your debt levels and their associated interest rates. If you are carrying high interest rate debt, consolidation like a credit card balance transfer, mortgage refinance, or a home equity loan may help you save money in the long run.