5 Tips to De-stress Your Holiday Gifting

The holiday season is upon us! Along with holiday cheer, this time can also be very stressful due to the financial burden gift-giving may bring. To help make gift giving more enjoyable, BHFCU has five tips to make your holiday shopping light on stress.

#1 – Share your thoughts
If you’re stressed about the cost of gifts, chances are someone else in your circle is too. To help avoid financial setbacks, it’s best to talk through what would work best for everyone. Make a plan together before shopping begins.
#2 – Gift creatively
Now that you’ve set expectations, try some creative gift-giving ideas. Excellent alternatives for large groups include:
  • Draw names: Put everyone’s name in a hat and draw for gift giving assignments. With only one person to buy for, you can focus on giving a meaningful gift.
  • Focus on the kids: If you have a lot of little ones in your group, let the gift-giving be fun and plan to buy exclusively for the kids.
  • Set spending limits: Decide as a group how much to spend and stick to it.
  • Craft your gifts: Make a gift from the heart – everyone has a talent!
#3 – Make a budget
If you are buying gifts for several people, it’s smart to set a budget for each gift and stick to it. Your budget is also a great place to track your gift ideas. As you purchase gifts, check back with your initial plans. For future years, a great way to start a holiday gift fund throughout the year is with a BHFCU Sub Savings Account.
#4 – Spread out purchases
Another trick to ease the burden of buying multiple gifts is to spread out your purchases. With 3-4 pay periods remaining ahead of the holidays, plan to purchase gifts with each check. This will help you avoid the financial headache of an all-in-one-day shopping spree.
#5 – Plan ahead
Now is the perfect time to think ahead to 2021. Identify your pain points and think of ways to remedy them next year. One way to build your holiday spending bucket throughout the year is to apply for the new Visa Cash Back Credit Card from BHFCU. Earn 1.5% on purchases during the year and cash them in for the 2021 holiday season.
Whatever your plans are, BHFCU is here for you. Happy holidays from our family to yours!