Summer Travel Inspiration - 3 Ways to Vacay

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to daydream about fun in the sun. No matter your budget or time off available, there are plenty of ways to take advantage of the long days and more favorable weather. We’ve compiled a few options to inspire!


#1 – Long Weekend Staycation
Tight budget and limited time off? Consider a long weekend staycation. 


  • Accommodations: There are many affordable camping options from Lake Yankton to the Black Hills to keep accommodation costs low.
  • Food: Reduce food costs by making a grocery list (stick to it!) and head to the store to gather all you need for the weekend. 
  • Travel: Staying in the area should minimize the cost of gas.


#2 – The Great American Road Trip
If vacation time and budget are not an issue, an old-fashioned road trip may be more your style! 


  • Travel: Make a budget for gas and see which destinations are within your mileage radius!
  • Accommodations: Depending on your budget, accommodations could range from camping, a cabin rental, or a motel/hotel. Save on your stay all together by crashing with a relative or friend for a night or two.
  • Activities: There are many low and no-cost activities available. When planning a trip to the National Parks, an entry pass covers many options!
  • Food: Plan meals based on your activities. Grocery shop for a few meals before you leave, especially if you plan to hike over lunch.


#3 – Big Adventure
This is the trip you’ve been saving time and money for. Maybe it’s a domestic flight or a longer international journey. There are still ways you can make your hard saved money go further!


  • Travel: Track your flight options using a free tool like Google Flights or Hopper. They will notify you of good deals and when tickets are expected to increase. You might consider booking two separate one-way flights if that is the cheapest option. Do your research!
  • Accommodations: Do you have a credit card with rewards? Now might be the time to cash them in to help cover accommodations costs! Discounts like AAA can also reduce hotel costs.
  • Food: If you are taking a longer trip and have access to a kitchen, maybe you consider cooking a meal or two while on holiday to make those splurge meals out even better!