Celebrating National Credit Union Youth Month!

April is National Credit Union Youth Month, and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate our youngest members and remind them if you’re a credit union saver, your savings will never go extinct. It’s never too early to start saving!

It’s as easy as save, spend, share!

Our team loves spending time teaching the next generation to be financially conscious. When dealing with money, it’s as easy as save, spend, share. Check out these talking points to share with the kids in your life.


  • Think about paying yourself first
  • Work to save about 10% of your income
  • Start with small amounts like $5 as you work towards your goal
  • Ultimate goal is to have 1-2 months cash reserve


  • Understand the difference between spending on wants vs. needs
  • Budget for reoccurring expenses like bills to understand what’s left for wants
  • BHFCU’s Money Management tool includes a personal budget builder
  • Plan for your wants; you’ll be less likely to overspend


  • Consider sharing a small portion of income
  • Donating to a local shelter or animal rescue goes a long way
  • Sharing can also mean thrifting (Goodwill, ReStore, buy used online, etc.)


Youth Saving Accounts

Did you know we offer two programs specifically tailored to promote youth savings and financial literacy? Money Mammals and VIBZ include educational materials, games and prizes, and even scholarship opportunities.

Money Mammals

  • For children 12 years and under
  • Win prizes for saving money
  • Access to online club activities
  • Quarterly newsletter with additional activities
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  • For teens ages 13-18
  • Access to contests, prizes, and scholarship opportunities
  • Focuses on financial literacy and good savings habits
  • Helps prepare for financial independence
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