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Regulation D is a federally instituted regulation limiting the number of pre-authorized withdrawals and transfers from your savings or money market account. This regulation applies to all U.S. financial institutions that offer these accounts, and it affects both primary and secondary South Dakota savings accounts. 

What does Regulation D mean for me?

In one calendar month, you can make no more than a total of six of the following withdrawal transactions:
  • Transfers from savings through BHFCU Online Banking
  • Transfers from savings through the Contact Center
  • Pre-authorized or automatic bill pay withdrawals from savings
  • Transfers from savings to another member's account
  • Transfers from savings through Quick Teller
  • Overdraft transfers from savings to cover checks or other items

New to Online and Mobile Banking

  • The Reg D transfer counter will now display a real-time transfer count with each corresponding savings account
  • This is now available in both Online and Mobile Banking

If all six transactions are used, this message will display below your accounts. Transfers will become available again at the end of the calendar month. 

Here's how you can manage your savings account and avoid Regulation D limits:
  • Plan ahead and make one large transfer instead of multiple small transfers.
  • Transfer funds by visiting a Member Service Center, mailing a request, or using an ATM. These transfers are "signature authorized" and don't count as Regulation D transactions.
  • Keep your checkbook balanced. This will help limit the number of overdraft transfers from your savings account.
  • Set up ACH automatic debits with merchants or service providers from your checking account, which is not subject to this regulation.
If you have any questions about Regulation D and how it impacts you, contact us.

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