Show Us How You Save!

Hey parents! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage your child’s creative side, while teaching them about budgeting and saving for the future.

In honor of National Credit Union Youth Month this April, BHFCU is holding a “Show Us How You Save” photo contest for our Money Mammals and VIBZ members. We’re encouraging our youth members to submit a fun, creative photo of how they save moneyVIBZ_Teal.jpg. This could include putting spare change into a piggy bank, choosing to shop at a thrift store for clothes, making the decision to play board games instead of going out, and more.

Photos must be submitted to and/or posted to Instagram with #BHFCUphoto by April 30. BHFCU will award two movie tickets to the top four entries.

Join the nation-wide campaign this April and teach your children about the benefits of saving. Need help getting started? BHFCU has many resources available, including great savings options and educational resources to help teach your child about making healthy financial choices and becoming a money-savvy adult. Give us a call at 718-1818 or stop by any of BHFCU’s locations for more information about our youth clubs!

Contest Rules: Photo contest is for VIBZ and Money Mammals members only. By submitting a photo, you certify that the work is your own and completely original. A submission represents a guarantee that every person appearing in the photo has agreed to appear and potentially have their likeness used in publication. In addition, you also grant BHFCU the right to use your name (first and last initial) and image in future marketing materials. A panel of judges will choose the winning submissions based on creativity, composition, clarity, and originality. Submitted photos must be recent and not taken before January 1, 2018. When submitting your photo via email, please include your full name, age, and phone number. If you submit your photo to Instagram with #BHFCUphoto, and you’re chosen as a winner, @blackhillsfcu will comment on the photo and request personal information be emailed to


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