Before You Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund ...

With the upgrades to BHFCU’s account system last fall, your account information may have changed. If you plan to direct deposit your 2018 tax refund into a BHFCU savings account, you will need to update your account information. Follow the steps below to find your new ACH/Account Number(s) and ensure your refund posts correctly. No changes have been made to Checking Account numbers.
Please be sure to alert your tax professional to the changes in your account information.

Direct deposit your funds in five easy steps:

Step 1: Indicate direct deposit as your refund method.

Step 2: Fill in BHFCU’s ROUTING NUMBER for electronic deposits — 291479592.

Step 3: Select either checking or savings account.

Step 4: Enter your corresponding ACH/Account Number(s). Find an account specific ACH/Account Number in Online Banking or BHFCU's Mobile App by selecting the individual account and clicking on the Account Details tab. You can also find the ACH/Account number for your checking account, which has not changed, on the bottom of your check.

Step 5: Review the information to ensure all names and numbers match.

It is essential that you verify your new ACH/Account Number(s) in Online Banking  or the Mobile App before finalizing any direct deposit. If incorrect, your deposit or withdrawals will be returned.   

If you are unsure of your ACH/Account Number or need help, feel free to give us a call at 605-718-1818.
Monitor the status of your refund at under the “Where’s My Refund?” option.

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