Safeguard Your Assets with BHFCU Insurance

Major life changes on the horizon? Whether you’re planning to buy a new home or vehicle, start a business, or send your child off to college, it’s important to take the time to review your insurance policies with a professional. Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean you are covered for every situation life presents.

The knowledgeable agents at BHFCU Insurance can help ensure your peace of mind by explaining your insurance and recommending coverage options to fit you and your family’s unique needs. We encourage you to explore our great options.  

Vehicle Insurance

Don’t let an accident or a freak South Dakota hail storm stop you from reaching your destination. From collision coverage to roadside assistance, BHFCU Insurance has the insurance products to help get your car or truck back on the road in no time. Click here to learn more.

Recreational Vehicle Coverage

Whether you’re hitting the trail in an ATV, boating on your favorite lake, or taking the motorcycle out for a weekend getaway, it’s important to choose the right protection for your favorite outdoor activity. BHFCU Insurance offers coverage for collisions, property damage, aftermarket parts/accessories, and more to help protect you from the unexpected. Click here to learn more.

Home Protection

Protect your most valuable asset with a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy designed to fit your needs. BHFCU Insurance can help take the stress out of homeownership with coverage options for dwellings, personal property, and other structures, as well as loss of use, personal liability, and more. Be sure to save time and money by bundling your home and auto today! Click here to learn more.

Business Insurance

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, ensure its continued success with the right business insurance policies. BHFCU Insurance provides general liability insurance, commercial auto, commercial property, and more, to help protect you and your business interests. Click here to learn more.
At BHFCU Insurance, our agents are dedicated to ensuring you have the proper coverage for your needs. Contact an agent today to start your FREE insurance review. Call 718-7888 or stop by our Downtown Member Service Center, Elk Vale MSC, or Mountain View MSC. Visit for more information.  


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